Persuasive Design Workshop for Next-Gen Loyalty Marketing

Barry Kirk, VP of Consumer Loyalty Strategy, Maritz Motivation Solutions
Barry brings a decade of experience in customer retention and digital marketing to his role as VP of Loyalty Strategy for Maritz Motivation Solutions, where he serves as the leader of the Maritz US customer loyalty practice. A sought after speaker and workshop leader, he has led the introduction of new disciplines like neuroscience and gamification to the loyalty marketing space, and champions the belief that “Consumers are human beings first.” Prior to Maritz, Barry worked with gamification leader Bunchball, where he led the consumer loyalty practice and served as Sr. Director of Digital Strategy. Register Now for Barry + Bill's Persuasive Design Workshop for Next-Gen Loyalty Marketing

Bill Hennessy
Persuasive Design Strategist, Maritz Motivation Solutions
As Engagement Solutions Director for Maritz Motivation Solutions, Bill is focused on advancing the application of Persuasive Design (“Helping people get what they want in the context of your business”) through lab experiences that enable clients to reframe their challenges and goals with more of a customer-centric focus. Prior to joining Maritz, Bill was an Engagement Director with a technology consulting firm where he managed client projects for numerous St. Louis-based companies, including Anheuser-Busch. Bill is the author of three books including his most recent, Weaving the Roots: How to Maximize Your Social Media Impact, published by. His areas of expertise include writing, software design and development, engagement strategies and applied game sciences. Register Now for Barry + Bill's Persuasive Design Workshop for Next-Gen Loyalty Marketing

Next-gen Loyalty Marketing

If you’re like every other American consumer, you’re carrying at least one loyalty program membership card in your pocket or virtual wallet; most of us are actually carrying five or more. Loyalty programs are now an expected part of most brand experiences, but defining the right mix of status, intrinsic and extrinsic benefits and relevant communications — while also addressing the shifting demands of emerging Gen Y consumers — is an increasing challenge. It’s also the science of Next-gen Loyalty Marketing.

Persuasive Design

Persuasive Design is the art of helping people get what they want in the context of your business. Persuasive Designers work from a bias of user-centricity guided by a deep understanding of how the human brain works, with a liberal injection of “game thinking” and gamification as well.

Designers of highly successful things (cars, appliances, video games) have applied Persuasive Design for years. The principles of Persuasive Design can be applied to less “thingy” systems, including consumer loyalty programs, through a proven lab experience. Motivation programs designed using this process have achieved industry recognition (including a 2012 Incentive Magazine Best in Show award and a 2014 Loyalty Expo Best in Show award) as well as having outperformed their competitors in hard success metrics.

The Workshop

This Workshop will lead you through the fundamentals of Persuasive Design for Consumer Loyalty, with the goal of enabling you to turn your loyalty program into an emotional pathway between you and your best and high-potential customers. Loyalty Marketing expert Barry Kirk and Persuasive Design expert Bill Hennessy, co-creators of the Maritz Persuasive Design Lab, will lead you through a 3-phase workshop covering such topics as:

1. Next-gen Loyalty 101

The 4-Tiers of Consumer Loyalty
The Earn+Burn+Yearn Loyalty Framework
Customer Engagement and Values Segmentation
Designing for the Irrationally Loyal

2. Persuasive Design for Loyalty

The 4-Drive Model: the Neuroscience of Consumer Engagement
Rapid-prototyping through Game Thinking
Customer Ethnography for Design

3. Gamified Loyalty

The Disruption+Habit+Ritual Model
Gamified New Member Onboarding
Game Mechanics for Intrinsic Consumer Behaviors

What You’ll Learn

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

Re-frame your current understanding of your customers
Apply the principles of Persuasive Design for customer loyalty to rethink your current reward and communications strategy
Conduct an ethnographic study of your customers
Optimize the use of gamification/game mechanics for your loyalty program
Develop a pursuit angle to help your ideas for next-gen customer engagement to merge with changes in consumer attitudes, preferences, and technology
(We will NOT, however, be dwelling on pedestrian old school loyalty topics like liability, breakage and cost-per-point analysis because this is Gsummit, and no one comes to Gsummit to do math!)

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